Royal Dates

Royal Dates

In a foreign land, in the company of strangers, dates were passed around as the sun set on a warm desert night. Soft, moist and irresistibly addictive, we knew this royal treat had to make its way back with us.

In this journey, the hospitality of the people brought back lost traditions our ancestors once lived by. Two strangers became friends and the expedition to find these royal treats began. After searching far and wide, we found the date farm of our choice and packed a suitcase full to bring back home.

Out of 5 luggage bags, the only one packed to the rim with dates got lost by the airline. Disappointed was an understatement. We decided to begin the same hunt in Toronto, thinking surely someone somewhere must carry these sweet delights.

Again we met with disappointment. Whatever we found was old and dry. Nothing matched what we had tasted or experienced.

It was then that the idea was born. Two friends from two different ends of the earth combined forces and passions to bring you the taste and experience of a lifetime.

Today, we bring you lost traditions that began with a sweet date!

We are family men who are concerned about the artificial sugars our children and yours eat these days.  In an effort to make our home healthier, we sourced some of the finest quality dates available.  Dates are a superfruit that are rich in many nutrients, but children are more interested in satisfying their sweet tooth, then about the nutrients they are benefitting from.

We are constantly in a state of learning. Learning how to eat healthier. Learning how to be better parents. Learning how to be philanthropist entrepreneurs.

Royal Dates is more than just a business. It is an effort to educate and satisfying our sugar cravings with a healthy alternative.

From our family to yours!

Why Choose Royal Dates

Dates, like many other fruits, come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavours. If you’re tired of the same old dates found locally, then it’s time to sweeten your palette with a delicious delight that will quickly become your family’s favorite dessert.

  • Soft, moist, straight-from-the-farm dates
  • Choose from Ajwa, Sukkari or Barhi (stay tuned for more)
  • Refrigerated to maintain freshness
  • Eat them as is or try one of our date infused recipes