Royal Dates

Royal Dates
Are your dates fresh?

Yes.  All dates are harvested between June and November.  Sukkari dates are the only moist date in North America and are harvested before they become a dried date and freshness is maintained through temperature control.

How can I eat dates?

There are many ways to enjoy a date.  One of them is to open, remove pit, insert into mouth, chew, savour the flavor, then swallow when ready.  For more ways, check out the Royal Treats section.

Where do these dates come from?

The dates come from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Palestine.

Why refrigerate?

As our dates are not in a dried state, they require refrigeration to slow down the ripening process before it becomes a dried date.

How can you send them to me when they need to be refrigerated?

Refrigeration is a recommendation in order to extend storage life of the dates in your fridge.  Unlike dairy, dates do not spoil outside of the fridge.  It is simply a method of maintaining and extending their shelf life.

What's so different about these dates?

There are roughly 400 different varieties of dates.  We’re bringing the best kept secrets in the Middle East.

Aren't all dates the same?

Are all diamonds the same?  Of course not!  Dates vary in taste, texture, nutritional benefits, color and moisture

Is there a sampler box I can purchase?

Yes. You can purchase one here.

Do your dates have any additives, preservatives, chemicals or go through any processing that alter their natural state?

No.  Our dates are All-Natural, non-GMO, pesticide free and do not go through any intervention such as steaming or sugar coated in date syrup making each date unique as nature intended but are handpicked to ensure they are free from any infestation.

Are your dates pitted?

No.  Just like an apple or avocado, the fruit seed is part of preserving its freshness and shelf life; hence why we only sell dates with pits.

Is it safe to use my credit card online?

Believe it or not, shopping online is far more secure than shopping in store. The server that hosts online stores encrypts transmission of all credit card and personal information using the Internet standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. That means the information transmitted is scrambled and can only be decoded by the designated system that retrieves this information.

Here’s how to tell if your online store is using SSL.
1. http changes to https
2. An icon of a key or lock appears in your status bar
3. The colour of the https is green

Can I buy in bulk?

Bulk is often used as a strategy to move inventory quickly.  And normally this is done on lower grade dates. Unfortunately,  due to the demand and cost of importing, bulk purchases are not available on our products.

How come shipping is so much!?

Please refer to this article for this answer.