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February 22, 2017

What Do Pregnancy, Fitness and Dates Have In Common?


by Ghaz Syed



And by dates, we mean the moist, sweet treats, not the squares on a calendar. Stumped? Read on…


Staying fit and healthy throughout pregnancy, and at all the other stages of your life, is not the easiest thing to do. Stress, hectic schedules, a lot of work and less play, all conspire to make healthy living a harder task to undertake.


A huge part of getting fit, and staying that way, is healthy eating. You really can’t eat six burgers a day just because you’re working out. And growing a human is not a license to indulge in ice cream by the tub full. There is a method to the fitness madness and it’s easy enough if you take the time to break it down into manageable bites, literally and figuratively.


So if you’re undertaking a fitness regime, are pregnant, or both, you need to create a meal plan that satisfies you, fuels your body with healthy nutrients and limits your intake of treats.


Which is the perfect segue to my favorite sweet treat: dates. Their nutritional benefits are well documented and have been known around the world for centuries. Dates have existed for at least 50 million years, according to fossil evidence (Source), and date palms were, and are, cultivated for their fruits as an essential source of vitamins and nutrients.


From a pregnancy point of view, dates contain nutrients that can help keep you healthy while you go about the business of growing a human


  • Dates contain up to 25% of your daily fiber requirements. As you probably know, fiber is essential to relieving constipation, a common problem faced by expecting mothers. Fiber also helps to lower the mother’s risk for developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.


Other nutrients that Mom needs?


  • Potassium—regulates pH levels in the blood, blood pressure, as well as blood sugar levels.


  • Iron—prevents anemia and fatigue, both of which are common afflictions during pregnancy.


  • Magnesium—helps to diminish the occurrence of muscle cramps, which is also a common pregnancy complaint.


  • Folate—necessary quantities are needed to avoid neural tube defects in the growing fetus. While many pregnant women use manufactured supplements to ensure sufficient levels of folate, it is soluble, which means that the body will excrete what it doesn’t need, avoiding any concerns over the possibility of getting ‘too much’ folate.


  • Vitamin K—promotes blood clotting and the growth of healthy bones, two functions that are under pressure during pregnancy.


In particular, Ajwa dates have been shown to be helpful in the growth of the fetus’, thanks to a healthy dose of calcium. In the postpartum period, the vitamins and minerals contained in the dates help Mom produce the milk that baby needs. Ajwa dates are also an excellent treatment for anemia because they not only elevate levels of iron in the blood, but their nutritive content also increases the production of red blood cells.


Whether you prefer Ajwa, Sukkari or other dates, for pregnant women, eating a healthy, balanced diet is essential for her and baby. Dates can be an important part of that diet, filling the craving for a sweet treat without adding refined sugars.


From a fitness point of view, dates are the superfood that can keep you going


Dates contain proteins, which help fill you up, if you are trying to manage your weight at a healthy level, and which also build up muscle. Dates contain fructose, a natural sugar compound. Compared to chemically refined sugars, fructose can give you an energy boost that your body can break down naturally.


You’ll feel fuller for longer with a good base of fiber in your diet, which if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, is the essential. Much of the fiber in dates is what is known as insoluble fiber, which means that it doesn’t dissolve in water. Insoluble fibre is essential to maintaining good digestive health since it acts as roughage in the digestive tract, keeping your bowels healthy and moving along, so to speak.


If you’re athletic or even just starting a fitness regime, the protein and potassium contained in dates will help you to build muscle and give you energy when you need it to punch through that last set of reps, or that last mile of road.


With no added fat or processed sugar, dates are an all natural superfood that you need to add to your regime. The natural sugars—fructose—do bring calories, but these are far from the empty calories that you get when you eat refined sugars and foods.


Processed sugar is a non starter if you want to be start and maintain a healthy diet as part of your fitness routine. While some dates are sold with added sugar to act as a preservative, Royal dates are not. Our dates are also grown without pesticides, in a non-GMO process: there really is no more natural, healthy sweet treat available.


So whether you’re growing a human or building your own personal health up, dates are a great start in planning for healthy eating that you can love too.


In North America, most people are only familiar with dried dates and usually only Medjool or Deglet Noor varieties. But did you know that there are over 400 kinds of dates? Try a moist Sukkari or Ajwa date and taste the difference. Please visit our online shop or check out our current brick-and-mortar locations and bring home the sweet goodness of dates today.



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