Royal Dates

Royal Dates

Royal Dates are hand picked in the deserts of Arabia from sustainable, organic, non-GMO, pesticide free farms. Shipping companies and brokers are making a tidy profit on these golden gems but these costs are a necessary evil so that we can make these high quality dates available and accessible to the North American market. Dates are grown in climates that simply don’t exist in the USA or Canada. Hailing from the desert climes of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Palestine, there is only one way to share these unique and sweet dates with the rest of the world and that is to bring them directly to our customers. A moist date, as opposed to the standard dried and sugared date that can be found in supermarkets, is a delicacy beyond compare. You only need to try them once and you’ll taste the difference.

So we offer our dates on our site at the lowest price that we can, compared to store locations and even third party sites. This, in many ways, is done to compensate for what we know seems like usurious shipping costs. But they’re not. In fact, we have negotiated with Canada Post and the USPS Mail network to offer the best possible rates on our shipping. And you should also know that we take no profit from the shipping cost. Our cost is your cost.

To avoid additional shipping costs, we have ensured our products can be found in some of Toronto’s finest boutique grocers.

Alternatively, you can visit for GTA wide delivery right to your door step.

Buy online, buy in-store, the choice is yours!

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